11.1General PrincipleFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

  1. 11.1.1    Congress/clinic displays allow for enhanced interaction with Health Care Professionals. The main purpose of such displays must be the presentation of accurate information about the product(s) on display.

11.2StandardsFavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites

  1. 11.2.1    At least one qualified representative of the Member must be on site during congress hours.
  2. 11.2.2    Promotional and educational material available at the display must be consistent with the approved product monograph(s). Reprints of scientific and medical papers may be distributed at the display, provided they are reprinted verbatim, and are not presented in a manner which differs in any way from the approved product monograph(s).
  3. 11.2.3    The fee a Member pays for exhibit space must not include additional donations to the association or other entity holding the congress, unless additional donations are reported as such.
  4. 11.2.4   Members must not pay for or make a donation to have displays set up on a continuous basis at clinics/hospitals.
  5. 11.2.5    Provision of meals and refreshments at the display is prohibited.{{1}}