1Guiding Principles

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The innovative pharmaceutical industry recognizes that Canadians expect companies to be accountable for their conduct. The Innovative Medicines Canada Code of Ethical Practices (the Code) provides a mechanism for Members to establish and maintain an ethical culture through a committed, self-regulated approach. As they collaborate with Stakeholders, Members recognize that they should be cognizant of the ethical requirements which apply to Health Care Professionals, Other Stakeholders and Governments.

The Guiding Principles and the detailed provisions of the Code set out standards for the activities of all Member employees relating to the commercialization of Prescription Medicines to ensure that Members’ interactions with Stakeholders are appropriate and perceived as such. The Guiding Principles must be read into every section of the Code, are intended to provide interpretations of the Code, and to assist Members in respecting the spirit of the Code where no specific provisions of the Code apply.

Member Companies agree to adhere to the following Guiding Principles: {{1}}

1. The health and well-being of patients and all Canadians is our first priority.

2. All interactions with Stakeholders are to be conducted in a professional and ethical manner. We must be cognizant of potential conflicts of interest and manage them appropriately.

3. All interactions shall be in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

4. We must adhere to the Code in both the spirit and the letter and, as such, we must ensure that all relevant Member employees and agents acting on our behalf are appropriately trained in the requirements of the Code and abide by it.

5. We are committed to engaging in relationships that are trustworthy and credible.

6. All clinical (phase I to IV) trials and scientific research sponsored or supported by Members will be conducted with the intent to develop knowledge that will benefit Canadians and advancement of science and medicine. We support transparency in the presentation of research and study results.

7. We will ensure that Canadian Stakeholders have access to education and information about the appropriate uses of our products and services. All product information provided to Stakeholders must be accurate and fair balanced.

8. We will not give or offer any payments or inducements that are either unlawful or improper, directly or indirectly, to any individual stakeholder.