14Loan of Medical Equipment

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  1. 14.1.1    In its role to enhance the health of Canadians, Members may partner with Health Care Professionals in programs/arrangements (Programs) to improve the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of diseases in a specific therapeutic area through the loan of medical equipment. To facilitate the development of these Programs, medical equipment can be loaned to Health Care Professionals actively participating in such Programs.

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  • 14.2.1    Programs must not be intended to gain access or influence, or to promote specific Prescription Medicines. They must be established to demonstrate how better prevention, diagnosis or treatment may improve patient health outcomes.
  • 14.2.2    Programs must comply with the following conditions in order to safeguard the professional independence of participating Health Care Professionals:
    • The program has clear and written objectives to improve patient prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease;
    • The program is approved by the Canadian Member’s Head Office (no field initiatives);
    • A written agreement defining the terms of the loan is signed by the Health Care Professional and senior authorized Head Office representative of the Member prior to equipment loans (no retroactivity) and include provisions setting out:

• The program’s objectives;
• The contribution of the Member (including a detailed description of the medical equipment to be loaned);
• The duration (cannot be indefinite), justified by the duration of the program;
• The property title of the equipment will remain at all times with the Member;
• That all loaned equipment will be returned to the Member at the expiration of the agreement; and
• That Health Care Professionals must not invoice any payer (including provincial governments, patients, or insurance companies) for the use of loaned equipment.

• The participation of a Member Sales Representative must be limited to the establishment and implementation of these programs;
• The programs must maintain patient confidentiality;
• Tracking systems must be implemented to ensure all loaned equipment is returned to the Member once a program concludes; and
• Medical equipment may bear the corporate name and logo of the Member, but must not bear the name of any products or related acronyms.