4Members’ Employees

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  1. 4.1.1
    Member employees represent both their company and the pharmaceutical industry as a whole in the eyes of Stakeholders. They are the main point of contact between the pharmaceutical industry and Stakeholders in Canada’s health care sector.

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    Member employees must act in accordance with the highest professional and ethical standards at all times. They are expected to understand and abide by the Code whenever they are acting in a professional capacity.
  2. 4.2.2
    Members must ensure that all employees who are employed by or acting on behalf of the Member Companies have the credentials required to fulfill the role they are performing for their Company. In particular, Members must ensure that positions requiring significant levels of scientific or medical knowledge are filled with employees who have relevant degrees and certification.
  3. 4.2.3
    Members must ensure that all employees who are employed by or acting on behalf of the Member Companies receive training about the applicable laws and regulations that govern the employees’ interactions with Stakeholders as well as this Code. {{1}}
  4. 4.2.4
    Members must also train their employees interacting with Stakeholders on products and disease states, specifically:

      All employees, should have sufficient knowledge of their subject matter, reflecting the requirement of their professional practice. Employees interacting with Health Care Professionals must have sufficient knowledge of general science and product specific information to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Members are responsible for ensuring the rigor and timeliness of such training.{{2}}
      Member employees whose job functions include responsibility for Continued Health Education (CHE) development and design as well as other relevant professionals must take a certified course in CHE training prior to or within one year of attaining responsibility for CHE activity.