ANNEX A - Innovative Medicines Canada Guidelines for Transparency in Stakeholder Funding

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The innovative pharmaceutical industry believes in the value of strong, effective relationships with stakeholders across a range of sectors. Stakeholder groups, be they patient groups, health charities, professional associations, academics or the business community, each work to meet the needs of their respective constituencies by providing information, education, and discussion of issues important to Canadians. Given the range of issues in common, it is natural that the pharmaceutical industry and stakeholder groups should work together. However, the industry also recognizes that there exists the potential for conflict of interest, either real or perceived, in the relationship. For this reason, the innovative pharmaceutical industry is committed to engaging in relationships that are transparent, trustworthy and credible. Member companies therefore agree to adhere to the following principles:

  1. 1. The health and well-being of patients and all Canadians is the first priority of the innovative pharmaceutical industry.
    2. The independence and integrity of stakeholders, in terms of their operations, policies and activities, should be assured.
    3. All interactions with stakeholders should be conducted in a manner that avoids any real or perceived conflict of interest.
    4. Joint activities should be based on mutual respect and trust, with the parameters of such ventures clearly delineated.
    5. Members should maintain transparent funding relationships with all stakeholder partners, and require their stakeholder partners to do likewise.
    6. Clear lines of communications should be established at an early stage of any undertaking between Members and stakeholders.
    7. Members should encourage stakeholders to obtain funding for their operations and activities from multiple sources.


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The following set of Guidelines has been developed in order to bring the principles to life and to help Member companies and stakeholder groups implement them in their daily activities. Their purpose is to ensure transparency and clarity of understanding, not to inhibit or restrict partnership opportunities. The new Guidelines were implemented by Members in January 2009.

  1. Projects, events or activities undertaken with stakeholders should not be used to promote specific medicines.
  2. All projects, events or activities must adhere to the requirements and the spirit of the Rx&D Code of Ethical Practices.
  3. Member companies should post on their corporate websites their commitment to engage in transparent funding practices with stakeholders.
  4. Prior to providing any direct funding to stakeholders, members should ensure that there is a clear, mutual understanding of each partner’s contribution and responsibilities, via a letter of agreement or other written document, outlining parameters within which funds are to be used.
  5. Members should regularly disclose, by means of their web sites and annual reports, a list of all stakeholders to which they provide direct funding.
  6. Members should ensure that they are identified on materials to which they contributed financially or in kind. All Members agree to follow all Codes pertaining to patient information and patient advertising.
  7. To the greatest extent practicable, a Member should not be the exclusive funder of a stakeholder organization.
  8. Members should refrain from creating patient groups whose sole purpose is to further market access in an area of therapeutic interest.